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STORAGE - was created to help car enthusiasts easily find and compare local car storage facilities as well as a place for car storage facilities to adverstise to a targeted audience.  As a car storage facilitiy owner I know how difficult it is to put my business in front of a targeted audience interested only in car storage.  Our mission at is to provide a searchable database of  car storage facilities and a targeted audience for other car storage facilites looking for effective online adverstising. 





Pine Ridge Enterprises (Car Jacket) -

The car jacket is derived from tried and true technology including research with industrial chemists, corrosion engineers, paint chemists, climatologists, armed forces storage specialists, museum curators...and years of product testing. The result is a special 7.0 mil rip-stop, non-breathable polyethylene, for a blend of light weight and durability. Mother Nature hates the Jacket. You'll love it! The right amount of OmniDry® desiccant is provided to remove moisture. Heavy duty zipper, double stitching and a handsome, finished appearance complete the package, plus it is 100% made in the USA. To learn more about the science and technology behind every Jacket and what it can do for your storage problems, call us at 1.800.5.CARBAG (1.800.522.7224)

All moisture and dirt is sealed out. The bag is a barrier to humidity (moisture) and dirt. Carbags are made from non-breathable polyethylene, a waterproof and dustproof material.

Humidity is removed from the car by using OmniDry packets of desiccant provided with the bag.

Results: If no moisture is present, and dust and dirt cannot get on the car, the car will be removed in the same condition as when stored.

"What does A CARBAG do?"

What a carbag does...

1. It keeps the car dry. Condensation and moisture problems cannot occur if no moisture is present.
2. Your car and car-cover stay clean. Not even a light coating of dust can settle on a car sealed in a carbag.
3. It preserves paint, protects rubber parts, and keeps disc brakes shiny and rust-free. All this because ultraviolet light, ozone, and fresh air with oxygen and moisture are eliminated.
4. It stops mildew and mold growth. Mold does not grow in dry areas.
5. It prevents insects from getting to your car.
6. It keeps your car anonymous. Prying eyes cannot see through the opaque silver-grey color.

You need a CARBAG if ...

…you have ever seen your car or motorcycle sweat during storage. Remember those certain days in your building when your car (even tools) were coated with moisture? This will not happen to a car stored in one of our bags.

…you want to keep a show car/bike perfectly clean, dry and show-ready until the next event.

…you need to reduce chrome or aluminum corrosion on a special car or bike. Water is needed for corrosion to occur. No corrosion occurs in a dry bag.

…you find winter storage less than ideal — metal building, dirt or concrete floor, etc.

…you would like to remove your car or motorcycle from storage in exactly the same condition it was when stored. With a carbag you can, and you do!