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NADA Appraisal Guides -

For over 70 years, N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides has been America's largest publisher of used vehicle values. Having major facilities on the East and West Coasts, business professionals across the country use N.A.D.A. values day in and day out. Every month, over 600,000 appraisal guides are sent to our customers, translating to over 7 million books a year. In continuing our tradition of friendly customer service, we've brought our values online, allowing free, easy access.

Our values are based on the assumption that each vehicle, in order to be properly evaluated, must be independently considered on its own merit. N.A.D.A. editors routinely attend trade shows, manufacturer previews, auctions, and other industry events. Information is gathered from new and used dealers, auto shows, trade periodicals, vehicle classifieds, magazines, newspapers, advisory boards, associations, and car clubs - ultimately nearly half a million sales transactions are reviewed monthly. Our values are derived from the sales records collected for each vehicle; the vehicles are classified into one of three value categories based upon the vehicle's condition - low, average, and high. Once the sales data has been processed, N.A.D.A. editors are able to analyze current market conditions pertaining to each vehicle - determining accurate fair market values.

N.A.D.A. works independent of any third party special interest groups to arrive at the most accurate, reliable, and unbiased vehicle values in the industry. Due to our neutral position in the vehicle appraisal market, N.A.D.A. values are used to assist consumers, government agencies, insurance companies, banks, credit unions, financial institutions, fleet and lease companies. Additionally, our values are used by automotive, RV, power sport and marine dealers and manufacturers.

We are proud to provide our world-class values - free, to you the consumer via the Internet. We want you to feel comfortable when buying, selling, or trading your vehicle. Thanks for visiting, your friend in the business.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides, our publications or website, please email them to
P.O. Box 7800
Costa Mesa, CA 92628